Rhino Rilla Rex Slots

Rhino Rilla Rex online slot was released by Crazy Tooth Studio and it allows players to discover new creatures. This allows three or more adjacent symbols to pay regardless their position on the reels. Through Team Up Reels you can earn token gems, win bonus spins for each beast, and even win Beast prizes.

Good Graphics and Fun Theme

This no deposit slot features glowing reels that are deep in the jungle. The lower-tier symbols tumble during spins, much like engraved stone tablets. The music is exciting and thrilling.

The RTP and Volatility

The Rhino Rilla Rex RTP is 96.2%. However, it can be adjusted by different online casinos at different levels. This free slot has a high volatility.

How to Get Started

Start to play the game by clicking the menu button after the game loads to view settings and information about features, rules and paytable. Click the button below to adjust you bet. Players can turbo-boost your spin speed by tapping the animated arrow button The button will stay animated while turbo-spin is activated. To activate autoplay, touch the button that says autoplay. You can choose how many spins you want to receive. Autoplay doesn't have a limit, so be careful. To stop the spins from continuing, keep your eye on your wallet.

The Wagers and Wins

Bet sizes range from 0.25 to 25 coin per spin. The prize of 1,000 can be won if you get 3-4 or 5 symbols of an animal symbol. With the progressive Beast prizes and bonus features, you can win larger prizes.

Progressive Prize Wins

To win progressive prizes, you must collect all stack symbols that appear on the reels. Rilla has 6 gems and the Rhino has 5 gems. 7 gems are required for the Rex and 8 for the Rhino rilla rex. 7 gems can be won.

Stacked With Multipliers

When three or more stacked symbol are combined, a miniature reel set will be created if they combine two or more stack symbols, multipliers, prizes or gems can be found. There is between a 2x to 5x multiplier.

The Special Team Up Feature

If any of the 3 stacked symbol are a bonus symbol, you get 3 free spins. Once the free spins run out, the bonus feature ends. Rhino Rilla Rex free spins retrigger does happen. It might grant three free spins during the bonus rounds. The bonus round ends when all the free spins have been used. The symbols are stacked to trigger a feature. You need at least three stacked symbols to trigger a feature. Multipliers will not work if more than five of the same symbol are present. The progressive beast prize will be paid out once the total amount has ben paid. A beast can win multiple prizes.


Rhino Rilla Rx online slot combines symbols to offer opportunities of winning multipliers or progressive rewards.