Magical Reels Slots

Magical Reels Slots takes you to a magical place where you can collect fruits, mushrooms, and potions. The magical book gives stars and multipliers to every symbol on the award board. This activates the free spins feature when a symbol earns 5 stars. This game has a frequently activated free spins feature.

Online Gameplay

Magical Reels video slot by software company Microgaming features 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines. This game allows you to place bets from 0.20 to 20. It's like being in a witch's house. Some tree roots can be seen clinging to the ceiling, and the reels' edges. There are many plants and potion bottles on tables. You must land at least three of the same of a kind symbols on the paylines. The game can be played on desktops, mobile phones, and notepads.

Payouts and Max Wins

There are 8 pay symbols and one scatter symbol that can be found in a spellbook. A blueberry, a shell and a mushroom are the lowest-paying symbols. For landing five symbols on a payline, they pay anywhere from 1 to 1.50 times the wager. Four different potions containing blue, red, orange and purple potions are the most valuable symbols. For taking up five positions on a payline, the potions pay anywhere from 2X to 5X the wager. The maximum win in Magical Reels is a win you up to 11750X.

Features to Look Forward To

These features include Scatter Symbol and Awards Board. A spell book is a combination of a multiplier and a star. It can land on the reels whenever it lands. The multipliers and stars are randomly assigned to any symbol on the Award Board. The multipliers will be used for the Free Spins Bonus. The stars activate the bonus. The feature begins when you've collected 5 stars on any symbol of the Award Board.

The Award Board Bonus Feature

The symbols reaching 5 stars on our Award Board will be removed from the free spins. They won't appear on your reels. All symbols that reach 5 stars on the Award Board during the free spins are also excluded from the remaining spins. Every win will be multiplied with the symbol's multiplying number displayed on the Award Board. The multiplier for each symbol can only be used once per free spin.

Free Online Spins

Five stars on any symbol in the Award Board will grant you five free spins. Two extra spins will be given for each additional symbol that achieves 5 stars during the spins. If you have landed 5 stars on multiple symbols, you can start the feature with additional spins. You will receive 9 free spins for landing 5 stars on three symbols.

Enjoy the RTP

The RTP for this game is approximately 96%.

Enjoy the Free Spins

Players can try Magical Reels Slots and see the frequent free spins.