Dungeons and Diamonds Slots

Dungeons and Diamonds Slots was released by Micrograming and features a game that puts players in front of a fire breathing dragon. This online slot has a lot hidden inside of its depths so players so read more before to find out how to play Dungeons and Diamonds Slots.

Game Design and Structure

Diamonds & Dungeons has a 5x5 grid and 40 paylines. The theme of this theme is about finding treasure in the dragon's lair. This is a dark fantasy theme and skilled game mechanics. Look forward to captivating gameplay with Free spins or 3 Collect features.

The Big Ticket Jackpot

The Jackpot for Dungeons & Diamonds can be won with real money and a maximum 50-bet limit. You could win $280,000 or more. The best real-money online casinos offer a game lobby with Diamonds and Dungeons.

The RTP to Expect

96% The RTP for Dungeons and Diamonds is RTP ranges as low as 86%. You can play online slots using the default RTP. One benefit of the RTP ranges' hit the averagae frequency. This game can be volatile and players need a strategy. The payouts for the RTP ranges are calculated using 3 spins.

Symbols and Combinations

The reel was placed against the background the dragon's lair. To win a payout you need to match at least three symbols on the reels. Wizards, sorceresses and rangers are the highest valued symbols. Five symbols from this nature can win cash prizes ranging from 5x-10x. Low Value Cards symbols can have a stake of 1.5 times the wager to as much as 5 times. The Wild symbol, which is the last one of the bunch, completes a winning combination.

Try Instant Collect

Bonus rounds to play Dungeons and Diamonds Slot is through the Instant Collect Feature. Gems that pitch will earn you 25x your stake. They must land on reels 1, 2, and 4. If the gems are on the 5th reel, you will receive a cash prize. The respins collect symbol on reel 5 locks all gems on the reels without making them more difficult. This increases your payout for certain respins. Gems with a higher total value will receive a cash reward.

Wicked Wizard Jackpot Has It All

There is an increase in anticipation through the inclusion of the Jackpot symbols. They must land on reels 1, 2 and 4. Cash in on the respin collection or multiplier collect features to cash in on the Wicked Wizard Jackpot. Players can find a new screen with many gems. To win the jackpot, you have to pick three matching symbols. There are chances that you will win the Mini up to a Grand Jackpot. To increase your chances of winning the jackpots, the multiplier symbol cannot be used.

To Conclude

This is an online slot that offers interactive gameplay and a jackpot of 5,600 times the wager. Special bonus features and wins are waiting when you try Dungeons and Diamonds Slots.